Beauty Tea
Natural Herbal Therapy

What is Beauty Tea? This delicious combination of Chinese herbs was developed over the last twenty years by Dr. Jiajie Wang to achieve healthy weight loss and enhance your energy.

How Does Beauty Tea Work? Dr. Wang has found that obesity is closely related to the malfunction of body organs, like the stomach, spleen, liver, etc. The Tea Therapy coordinates the function of these organs, maintaining their balance and harmonizing them within the body. Beauty Tea decomposes stored fat tissue, releasing the energy for the body’s use.

Beauty Tea contains no caffeine or ephedra.


 Beauty Tea provides an effective, comfortable and healthy way to lose weight yet, it does much more. We are more than happy to tell you about the many other benefits Beauty Tea provides as well as any other information you may require. Try this remarkable beverage - the product speaks for itself.

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How do you purchase Beauty Tea?  

Beauty Tea is priced quite reasonably compared to other weight loss regimes and herbal teas. The tea is priced within the range of other daily habits whether it’s a trip to Starbucks or an after work drink. Beauty Tea has the added virtue of being a good habit.

We sell the tea by the week ($35.00 for 14 bags), the month for a 10% discount ($126.00 for 56 bags) and three months for a 15% discount ($357.00 for 168 bags).  We also sell the tea in capsules for the same price. We usually ship priority mail depending on quantity this costs $4.00 to $5.00.

Special introductory offer: We will ship at our cost a days worth of Beauty Tea for $5.00 so you can see if it is to your taste.

 This therapy is designed for the long haul and not just to sustain one’s health and well being while you lose weight but to strengthen it. We don’t claim that you will lose 12 lbs. in two days or the like. Did you gain the weight overnight? Dr. Wang recommends taking the tea for at least a month if you are serious about weight loss.

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